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Discover the experiences reserved for you by 504 Corso Suite and explore Rome in a unique and fascinating way with the Rome 500 Experience! Enjoy an unforgettable experience on board a vintage FIAT 500, where excitement and magic come together in a 3-hour private tour through the hidden gems of the Eternal City.

Experience a special adventure together with your friends in the leading roles. Choose to have an experienced driver or drive yourself in a convoy of vintage FIAT 500s. With our tour leader, you will explore seven of Rome's most incredible and often hidden gems.

What the Tour Includes:

  • Off-Road Routes: Access places where the big buses can't go, for a unique perspective of Rome.
  • Mysteries and Legends: Discover the secrets and stories that make Rome a city steeped in mystery.
  • Breathtaking Views: Admire spectacular views of the city from exclusive vantage points.
  • Renaissance Gems: Explore Renaissance architecture and hidden art treasures.
  • Archaeological Surprises: Unveil archaeological treasures waiting to be discovered.

Tour Details:

  • Duration: 3 hours of pure excitement and discovery.
  • Expert Guide: A professional driver or the option to drive yourself, accompanied by an experienced tour leader.

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